Test systems

Our test systems guarantee stable and reliable test performance

Our test systems guarantee stable and reliable test performance

Test Systems

Reliable solutions for high quality results

Our test systems ensure the highest product quality and reliability. We provide efficient and effective test solutions for any type of products and various industries including EMS, medical, automotive, and lighting. Thorough analysis of your needs lets us offer perfectly fitted solutions on demand, quickly, at a competitive price.

Industrial standardisation and ergonomic design allow our solutions to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into your production lines. We guarantee system stability, test performance reliability and high quality results, along with technical support provided on-site or remotely.


  • Functional Test Systems PCBA
  • EOL Test Systems
  • Safety Test Systems
  • Light Test Systems
  • Multi Channel Programming Stations
  • Optical Inspection Units
  • ICT Fixtures with Debug Software


Functional test systems

Industrial test systems

  • Optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability and cost
  • Suitable for various complexities of electronic architecture
  • Supports a wide range of electrical measurements
  • Connects with a wide range of testing fixtures
  • Equipped with an exchangeable bed of nails
  • Perfect for high, low-volume production model

Compact test systems

  • Test system designed for low-volume production
  • Measurement system integrated with the fixture
  • Cost-efficient solution for products with a basic electronic circuit architecture complexity
  • Test range capability can be expanded
  • Available off the shelf
  • Possible option of an exchangeable bed of nails
  • Small footprint on production floor

EOL test systems

Burn-in tester

  • Universal test bench system
  • Perfectly fits high-/low-volume production needs
  • Dedicated to a wide range of electronic products with a dedicated wire harness connection
  • Tests can be performed automatically or manually
  • Ensures basic electrical measurements at low cost
  • Test range capability can be expanded

ICT test systems

In-Circuit tester

  • Fixture design, assembly and validation for:
    Agilent, Keysight, HP, Checksum, Spea
  • Preparation and debugging of ICT scripts
  • Integration of ISP programming
  • Integration of boundary scan tests, Jest tests, digital tests, semi-functional tests, IC programming, FINN probes and more

Optical inspection

Smart PCB inspection

  • Driven by AI-based solution developed in-house
  • Achieves ultra-efficient error detection regardless of component type under inspection
  • Operatorless working and leverage the decision-making process
  • Eliminates time-consuming programming for a new PCBA
  • Allows full compatibility with any production line
  • Perfect for high-mix, low-volume production due to rapid self-adaption

LED tester

  • Detects which LEDs are off
  • Checks the correct LEDs are at each position
  • Quickly configures program for each new LED panel
  • One test of a 1000 LED panel takes up to 3 seconds

Multi-channel programming station

ICT programming station

  • Compatible with wide array of microcontrollers in electronic devices
  • Supports programming of a single device or a whole panel of boards
  • Enables quick and easy exchange of fixtures or dedicated product plates
  • Equipped with high efficient multichannel industrial ISP programmer

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how we work

Meeting market trends and our clients’ needs:




Tell us your needs and we will do the rest

  • 1. Requirements consulting
  • 2. Feasibility study and technical proposal
  • 3. Design and manufacturing
  • 4. Installation and training on-site
  • 5. Service in accordance with agreement
  • Tailor-made solutions based on your needs
  • Standardised in-line/off-line systems for seamless integration
  • Extensive expertise in safety testers, measurement systems, light and burn-in testers
  • Remote test systems management
  • DfX, test configuration and result management

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