Automation & Robotics

Our process automation and robotic solutions improve your productivity

Our process automation and robotic solutions improve your productivity

& Robotics

We provide a wide range of solutions to automate different manufacturing processes, implementing robotic solutions and AI technology. When building our systems, we rely on reputable technology partners as well as in-house developed machinery and AI-based solutions. We offer customisable, modular and flexible systems ranging from standalone stations to fully automated production lines for manual operations as well as high speed and precision processes.


  • Modular and scalable solutions
  • In-line and off-line stations
  • From single process to production line automation
  • Dedicated custom systems
  • Cost-optimisation

manufacturing process automation

Tailor-made solutions for your sophisticated process

Our process automation systems allow manual, complex or high precision tasks to be automated to secure process repetitiveness and accuracy as well as a high quality final product.

By responding to industry needs, we aim to enrich our robotic solutions with technology innovations such as AI, using deep learning methods to make them self-reprogrammable and operatorless. Such an approach makes our offering a perfect fit for mass and high-mix, low-volume production.

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automated assembly lines

Optimal and cost-efficient production of your product

We provide complete solutions from a single source. Our modular solutions are flexible and can be easily extended with additional process steps to suits new projects or strategic innovations on your production floor. Such an approach is future-oriented and proven to provide high quality and durability.

key facts
Automated assembly line
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  • Automated end-2-end production line delivered by one vendor guarantees full compatibility and flawless operation
  • Wide range of competences under one roof allows automation of even the most sophisticated processes
  • Modular and industry-agnostic solutions provide flexibility and scalability of your production
  • Unified technology and communication standards allow for smooth operations, reconfiguration and management

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