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Viveka 3D Vision - innovative stereovision honored by Robotics Business Review

Viveka 3D Vision - our stereovision honored by RBR50 Innovation Award

Our stereovision recognized!

We innovate production with our own AI-driven products and solutions

To address the problem of increasing workforce costs and the large amount of human errors, in 2016 we started an R&D project for AI-based solutions. Our team of 30 experts works on the efficient performance of numerous ideas in the context of various manufacturing processes. Through testing countless algorithms and machine learning methods,

our ideas have already evolved into truly applicable and effective solutions for optical inspection, object recognition and precise assembly. They have already been successfully tested on production floor for PCBA manufacturing and are being adjusted for other industries.

we invest in AI

R&D campus
in Krakow in 2021

€ 25

project co-financed
by EU


jobs for engineers
& scientists


own AI solutions
for process automation

We are looking for talented engineers and scientists to join forces in our AI projects

AI-based robotics

Automating high-mix, low-volume production is not efficient due to the short production cycle and the high costs of reprogramming. Our flexible AI-based solution is advantageous to such automation due to its ability to quickly reprogram itself, thus reducing setup and operating costs. Implementing reinforcement learning techniques, our scientists built algorithms

that continuously learn from the online data collected during the actual live assembly process, without additional programming. In this way, our AI-based robots can adapt to frequently changing production parameters (e.g. PCB or component type) with minimal human engagement, considerably reducing production downtime.

Smart Component Assembly

  • Automates a manual assembly process to improve precision and reliability
  • Eliminates the human factor to achieve zero-defect production
  • Recognises a component type and location to properly pick it up from any package
  • Uses Viveka 3D Vision proprietary system for component inspection, honored with RBR50 Innovation Awards
  • Operatorless working to achieve maximum cost efficiency
  • Changeovers made quickly and easily
  • Compatible with any production line

our robots deep learning process

AI-based quality assurance

In terms of quality control, we aim to solve the most common EMS production issues which inspection detects as false positives, along with the time-consuming (re)programming for each new PCB . We use high-resolution cameras to capture thousands of PCBA images and train neural networks to not only accurately recognise anything erroneous

but to operate without human engagement even when a new PCBA arrives for inspection. Such visual quality assurance brings uniformity and efficiency to quality control as well as being able to capture negative trends in the production process that cause time and financial losses.

Smart Optical Inspection

  • Achieves ultra-efficient error detection regardless of the PCBA type under inspection
  • Minimises time-consuming programming for new PCBAs
  • Allows full compatibility with any production line
  • Perfectly fits high-mix, low-volume production due to rapid self-adaption

AI-based inspection process

LED testing

  • Detects which LEDs are off
  • Checks if the correct LEDs are at each position
  • Quickly configures the program for each new LED panel
  • One test of a 1000 LED panel takes up to 3 seconds

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