SW & Product Development

We offer SW industrial solutions, connectivity and cloud-based systems

We offer SW industrial solutions, connectivity and cloud-based systems

SW & Product Development

Get a solution perfectly fitted to your needs

Custom software development is a key driver of your market advantage. Tailor-made software perfectly complements the specific needs of your business, offering the best functionality while staying within your budget.

Whether it is a simple mobile app, sophisticated business intelligence or machine learning models, our software will give you flexibility, scalability and the security you need in a highly competitive market.

Software outsourcing

In outsourcing, we focus on building long term cooperation with our customers, building specialised and stable teams which support projects with involvement and deep understanding of business domain. We have a unique set of competences and industry experience from working on many solutions, including manufacturing, supply chain, IoT and design, for numerous different companies.

  • Long term cooperation
  • Broad business knowledge and access to business experts
  • Connectivity and cloud solutions
  • Software and hardware building blocks for fast prototyping

industrial solutions

  • Software for managing and automating areas like manufacturing, human resources, supply chain, quality
  • Best-of-breed architectures and technologies
  • Extensive business domain knowledge and daily access to business domain experts

connectivity and cloud

  • Partnership and specialisation in Microsoft Azure
  • Broad experience with connectivity technologies (e.g. GSM, LTE, LoRA, Bluetooth, WiFi) evaluated in factories, cars, mobile assets
  • Battery optimised and big data solutions

Product Development

In product development, our teams can take care of the whole project lifecycle. In some projects, the customer defines only the final requirements while for others we work in a joint development model. During project development, our internal laboratories can carry out any hardware testing required for essential certificates like CE . We also handle manufacturing, prototyping, industrialisation and after-market services.

  • Broad range of services from design, testing, prototyping,
    industrialisation to after market service
  • Internal laboratories enable cost optimisation of hardware
    testing and project time
  • Specialisation in connectivity and power conversion

IoT solutions


  • Connectivity enabler transforming off-line devices into IoT ones
  • Automated work parameters collection for effective device management
  • GPS location for assets monitoring
  • Independent communication for data transfer and exchange

Insurance 4.0

  • Hardware for driving style scoring for insurance optimization
  • Automated accident recognition
  • Data analysis and insurance process automation
  • Car and truck fleet management

Industrial Analytics

  • Condition-based maintenance and foundation of predictive maintenance for critical equipment
  • Process optimisation based on real data powered by analytics engine
  • Environmental machine work monitoring

engineering services

Engineering services

  • Power conversion and management
  • IoT and cloud connectors
  • Embedded software development and digital devices
  • Linux driver and application development
  • Mechanics development (housing)
  • Industrial design


  • EMC verification and validation
  • Safety tests and validation
  • Endurance tests
  • Environmental tests
  • CE qualification and certification
  • UL/FCC certification and coordination

& sustaining

  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Test
  • New Product Implementation
  • product lifecycle management
  • Obsolescence management

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