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Innovative Fitech project financed with European Funds

Artificial Intelligence used in Industry 4.0

Fitech is currently conducting Industrial research and development works to create automated optical inspection system - AOI 4.0 using artificial intelligence working on-line. The system can be used in currently working manufacturing lines (article in Polish only)

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Bring your processes to the next level

Tailor suited solutions for manufacturing far beyond the sole automation. Looking from wider perspective we help you improve your competitiveness and flexibility while keeping perfect control over the process

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No limits in testing

Dedicated efficient systems ensuring highest product reliability and quality. We can support every type of production, from high mix low volume to large scale, in any market and application you can think of.

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Engineered with passion

Full development support offered at any stage of your project. We help you to turn your idea into a quality product ready to market.

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State of art solutions for professionals

Our team has many years of experience in high-level applicationa and mobile software for demanding environments. From .net to Java or any other technology, we will provide you service that will fully match your expectations.

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Innovative Fitech project financed with European Funds

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Innovative Fitech project financed with European Funds

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Fitech - a family owned polish company - during its 20 years of experience has established very strong position on the European engineering market. We are one of the leaders when it comes to complete engineering solutions. Our experience was built on long term cooperation with engineering and manufacturing global leaders what proves that our products, software and solutions will always fulfil requirements of the most demanding customers. Fitech team are hundreds of specialists and enthusiasts who worked not only with big players but also creative startups and support them with process and product development and optimization using the most innovative technologies.

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Go inside Fitech with our Test & Automation department movie and gallery showing some of our top products.