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Software development

With over 10 years of software experience we know how to make your state of art software. Being up to date with the newest standards and technologies in the world of software is very familiar to us. The core of our team are devoted passionates who fulfil our continuous improvement and learning strategy being always one step ahead. We have many teams of professionals that work in broad portfolio of various technologies. We work efficiently, we work accurately. We cooperate with universities and research centers to exchange knowledge and have access to the best alumni on the market. While participating in global projects for market leaders we focus mostly on long term cooperation. Our proficiency and reliability is proven by long term cooperation with big global players in challenging projects. Situated in Poland we can help you optimize your costs due to access to highly specialized professionals and optimized way of working. We can adapt to your project management style or base on our experience in agile project management methodologies and tools.


We have broad experience in software development in areas such as web, desktop and mobile applications. Building common understanding of our customers’ needs is the most important task at early stage of every project. This allows us to fully support you and give you the best service you deserve. Service not only limited to software itself - whilst understanding your internal business processes we can use our broad experience from vast portfolio of successfully accomplished projects to advise you during implementation. We can support you with definition and optimization of your way of working to get the most of it. This is the best value for money you can get from the market. We always work on new ideas and newest technologies to deliver best value to customers in areas of project management, system architecture, programming and implementation.


Reliability of our software is of highest importance. That’s why it is always on the first place and we put a lot of effort on quality assurance and testing. Our tests are planned and designed to cover and check all the important required functionalities (functional tests) so the customer gets all what he expects. Furthermore our software solutions are used in high demanding environments and we need to be sure, that no matter what the load our application will be stable. At last unit tests are done to check every functionality at the code level. Code coverage is monitored with reports and statistics available for customer.

Development Operations

We ensure that expectations are managed between the team and business. With focus on goals and strategies, teams work efficiently in line with planned timelines. Additionally we can supply hardware needed by customers giving more flexibility in project’s preliminary phase. We encourage our customers to benefit from Continuous Integration implemented by us to most of the projects, which gives us feedback when business changes are implemented or when validation is performed.