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At Fitech we go far beyond sole automation providing extensive support for any manufacturing process you can think of. Looking from higher attitude we catch wider perspective for analysis resulting in tailored solutions fulfilling even most demanding requests.We know that future production has to answer on dynamically changing market that is why we minimise lead time with easy adjustment and modification feature of what we deliver . Basing on our experience we gained in electronic manufacturing world we can utilise our knowledge for every even most advanced production type. We found our work valuable for our satisfied customers because of common understanding that process automation is important factor for competitiveness improvement.

Industrial Automation

We are expert in advanced production lines equipped with hi-tech machines but can also support simple one piece flow assy lines you use to deliver you masterpiece products. Our optimisation can go deeper into machine blocks by dedicated setup or reconfiguration. No matter which machines and operations are being used we can combine them for smoother flow and minimised waste achieved from maximum automation implemented . Additionally we can support process control with any database and ERP system integration available.

Marking systems

Laser Marking

  • Industrial laser marking devices for PCB and final assembly
  • construction allowin automated operation (in-line) or operator controlled (off-line);
  • sophisticated safety system accoring to newest standards


InkJet Marking

Manufacturing Tooling

Desing and manufacturing of:

  • solder frames
  • tooling improving product assembly
  • box building jigs
  • transport for soldering aggregate
  • final assembly stations
  • manufacturing lines of manual assembly
  • THT components forming devices.