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Test Solutions

Through our history we’ve delivered over 500 test systems worldwide. Our experience was gained in close cooperation with large manufacturing partner and our global customers. We provide efficient and reliable test solutions for any type of product you require.Thorough business analysis let’s us to propose cost effective solutions fit to your requirements.We can start project basing on test initial requirements provided by customer or test procedure we will develop basing on our experience. Friendly and ergonomic design, usage simplicity & autonomic environment allow quick integration in your environment.We assure reliable test performance stability and highest quality level with easy and effective control. Our connected solutions let you remotely control and manage all test systems with our support, no matter where they are located..

Functional Testers

Our functional testers ensure you that technical parameters of manufactured device comply with the requirements specified by developer. Our standard approach is to verify with great care the test procedure and to assure that with minimal test effort all necessary functionalities are covered and thoroughly tested. In range of our competences is not only to design, build and validate FCT system but also to develop completely new test procedure or update its existing version. If the procedure needs to be developed, we can use our broad experience to propose the most efficient dedicated solution. To achieve reliable & efficient testing performance, we are studying the product for best understanding, even by performing reverse engineering when it's needed.

In order to ensure high quality LED applications, we have developed light measurement testers shaped of integrating sphere (up to 3m diameter) or integrating tube (up to 3m length) for mass production factories.

Vision Systems

Automated visual inspection represents a significant contribution to the fourth industrial revolution. Encompass a wide variety of tasks, including blemish detection, complex patterned-surface examination (inter alia LCD displays & colors), single and multiple defect detection, measurement of tools and components, counting, grading, sorting, sizing, orientation and posture recognition (for robot control), in process monitoring and control.

Safety testers

Safety is a critical factor for any electronic device introduced into the market. Worldwide standard in electronic manufacturing segment is to ensure production process that control & eliminate potential risk of electrical shock for end user. Our testers cover safety check such as high voltage tests used to verify the electrical insulation in a device or other wired assembly & Ground bound test (also called PE resistance test, ground continuity test), it consists in testing whether the ground points of a device under test are well connected in between each other, and also to the mains ground.

In-Circuit Tests

Main purpose of In-circuit test (ICT) in PCBA manufacturing process is to check for components presence, shorts, opens, resistance, capacitance, and many others basic parameters which will indicate whether the PCB was properly assembled. If requested by customer we can implement additional features like: ISP, Bounduary Scan & TestJET technologies. We have broad experience in dedicated hardware and test scripts development for the most popular testing platforms such as HP/Agilent/Keysight, Spea, CheckSum, Teradyne.

Custom Solutions

We can answer the most most demanding and uncommon requests. Being ready for detailed analysis and discussion resulting in perfect understanding we ensure final results will satisfy any needs. No matter what you want to control measure and verify at any stage of your process we can propose you efficient and tailored solutions. We can combine testing with any of your processes for better flow and balance achievement.

We can also support you with special process devices such as:

  • Hot-bar soldering
  • Conformal coating
  • X-ray gate
  • Hot-melt gluing

Programming Stations

Market share of programmable devices has been significantly increasing every year. For each manufacturer it generates the need for effective solutions to perform ISP (In-System Programming) in the process of mass production.To meet the needs, we supply industrial programming stations which feature high performance (multichannel parallel programing for multiboard units), versatility (supports multiple MCUs manufacturers), ease of configuration (user frendy operating interface), cost efficient (exchangable product plates).