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Product development

We can fully support development of your product at any stage. Whether you come with just the initial idea or require help only with compatibility or environmental testing, we’re ready to step in and provide all the support you need. At every phase in your product’s lifecycle you can be sure of getting the very best support possible. With over 20 years’ experience, our engineers know precisely what needs to be done to deliver a market-ready product tailored for mass production with proven reliability.

Product Design & Engineering

When it comes to hardware and software design we know that quality is of paramount importance. Over the years, we've developed hundreds of products, manufactured in tens of millions and distrubuted all over the world. Some of these have a market lifecycle exceeding 30 years and it’s our job to ensure it.

Through close cooperation with manufacturing environment and our Test, Software and Automation departments we’ve acquired the necessary know-how to value engineer your product. This results in minimal production and testing costs,optimized BOM value, not forgetting to increase the reliability and quality of your product.

We know that the look of a product is crucial for its market success - that’s why we give our utmost attention to the aesthetics and industrial design. Following your requirements we can design sturdy, durable and of high quality products as highest priority.

No matter what you provide, deficient documentation is not a blocker for us. Output of reverse engineering can be a starting point for other further activities and services we provide - we can undertake any necessary revision upgrades, value engineering and transfer projects.

We run our projects according to the latest standards in project management. Our team of specialists will provide you with a seamless cooperation experience that requires minimal involvement on your part. Our tried and tested procedures, which have been chosen for their optimal functionality, give us full control over the progress of a whole project. In combination with our advanced project tools and methodology, we guarantee that you receive your deliverables on time.


We're an active player in Cracow academic environment, very well recognized by local authorities and universities.

From our first days we have been working with University of Science and Technology in Cracow. As most of our senior staff are graduates from there it was natural for us to establish mutual close cooperation between us.

Due to this we have access to academic knowledge that sometimes is crucial in advanced projects that require very specific experience. We mainly cooperate in areas such as power supplies with resonant energy conversion with very high efficiency and ultra low power radiocommunications. We've patented during this years many innovative solutions.

We have our laboratiories at university buildings where students can work with us to experience real-life research projects that end up with a product that will be sold on the market and get better knowledge of the company.

Lifecycle management

We've built our position on the market by creating long-term cooperation with clients and supporting their R&D departments. Our teams focus on service and assistance in the area of creating and maintaining the database for electronic and mechatronic components

As a service we will manage the components for you. In our component database we collect both technical and commercial information. We upload commercial information directly from the suppliers and the technical information is created and controlled internally. The data is presented in a practical and clear way in a customer-friendly search system. The database is managed and continually updated by our team to provide you always up to date information about parts. The data contained in database may be directly transferred into CAD system (eg. Cadence) and used in several phases of an electronic products design.

As a service we can do complex cleaning and re-structure of client existing databases containing MPN information. We clean components attributes, and import this data into our database. In this way the customer gains an opportunity to apply the components in current or future designs with a guarantee that all information about components is constantly updated.

Rapid Prototyping

During design, whenever it is needed we can build in-house prototypes for you. We manufacture these with focus on lead time as a highest priority so you get samples in shortest time possible with limited documentation required. After instant quotation, we do material completion as soon as possible from all available sources and run production using dedicated resources. You get full engineering development support from our R&D and as a deliverable you get assembled products and feedback in form of build reports. When the design was done by us, we can do prototyping as a part of our engineering service, so you don't have to bother about anything.

Certification / Validation

We design your products basing on requirements and market regulations it has to fulfill. As natural continuation of development we can take care of testing and certification process for you. With our widely equipped laboratories we can provide you very quickly with feedbacks during development as well as pre-certification measurements at the final stage. Then utilizing external partners cooperation we can execute full certification with limited customer effort. Our support ranges from EMC (in our in-house anechoic chamber), thermal, environmental, endurance vibration ending on customised measurements according to test plan we can prepare for you.