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Constant development of the enterprise entails changes in its all areas, including working methods, processes on organizational levels and working conditions. People are the integral part of the company as it undergoes restructuring, thus ensuring occupational safety and health (OH&S) is our first priority.

In order to ensure the highest working standards, in 2004, Fideltronik has implemented Integrated Management System in compliance with the PN-N-18001 norm. As a part of endeavour to improve the health and safety of workers at work the company identifies, monitors and eliminates safety and health hazards by adjusting to arising needs and investing in working conditions improvement programs.


Health and safety
Put emphasis on our organization to provide adequate work condition and maintain health and safety environment for all our employees. Take necessary steps to identify potential causes of hazards present in the working environment and prevent it from happening. Continually monitor working environment and address improvement actions to minimize a risk build in it.

Human rights and Labor

Do not discriminate any of personal characteristic such as religion, race, nationality and also characteristics protected by regulation and law with regards to any aspect of employment like hiring, benefits, promotions etc.

Harassment and disciplinary practices
Do not tolerate any form of harassment in the workplace.
Harassment may be based on any of personal characteristics such us but not limited to religion, race, nationality, gender, etc. Counteract the use of mental or physical coercion, verbal abuse or corporal/hard-labor punishment; and not to allow behavior, including gestures, language and physical contact, that is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative.

Children and young workers
Not to employ children or support the use of child labor. That exclude initiatives such as government approved youth training schemes (e.g. work-experience programs).
The minimum age for employment shall be 16 years of age, the legal minimum age for employment, or the age for completing compulsory education, whichever is greatest under the local applicable laws and regulations. Do not use employee under 18 years of age for hazardous work.

Forced labor
Ensure that all employees enter into employment with the company of their own free will and not to apply any force labor practices when engaging employees or support any form of forced or compulsory labor.

Salary paid to workers shall comply with local applicable wage laws, including those relating to minimum wages.

Business ethics
Respect business partners such as Customers, Suppliers, seeking for long term relationship to realize mutual growth. Every new business opportunity is open to any Supplier and Supplier candidates regardless of size, nationality. All cooperation offers will be evaluated based on fairly prepared rules and focused on their overall strengths.


Integrated system management and certificates gives independent proof and confirmation of standards compliance.