FCT and ICT test development

Welcome to Fitech

We support electronics manufacturers with high quality and effective solutions for in-circuit testing (ICT), functional testing (FCT), dedicated tooling for assembly and soldering process.

Reliable, high quality hardware design and stable software are key factors of effective testing solutions. Based on this approach we build couple hundreds test systems for customers across Europe.

ICT testing:

  • Test fixtures manufacturing
  • Test scripts development
  • Fixtures and test scripts validation
  • Maintenance services

Functional testing:

  • Test systems (hardware) design and build
  • Test applications (software) development
  • Validation services
  • Integration with database systems


  • Electronics assembly tooling
  • Soldering carriers, frames, jigs
  • Soldering conveyors
  • ESD trolleys
  • FCT Tester 1
  • FCT Tester 2
  • FCT Fixture 1
  • FCT Fixture 2
  • FCT Fixture 3
  • ICT Fixture 1
  • Wave solder carrier 1
  • Wave solder carrier 2
  • Customized assembly tool
  • Burin-in tester
  • Wave solder conveyor
  • FCT test jig (load)