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Fitech during its 20 years of experience has established very strong position on the European engineering market. We are one of the leaders when it comes to complete engineering solutions. Our experience was built on long term cooperation with engineering and manufacturing global leaders what proves that our products, software and solutions will always fulfil requirements of the most demanding customers. Fitech team are hundreds of specialists and enthusiasts who worked not only with big players but also creative startups and support them with process and product development and optimization using the most innovative technologies.



Our End-to-end services let you have one foundational supplier that will suport you with all you need. At any stage of product lifecycle we can be involved in project and wiil do the job. From concept phase, research, industrial design, development, through test equipment and process automation building until manufacturing and aftermarket support we exactly know what to do.


Flexibility is what distinguishes us the most. We’re experts at smart engineering, rapid prototyping and finally supporting your manufacturing where time to market factor is one of the most crucial ones. Our solutions will help you to be more flexible and agile what will benefit in your competetivenes improvement. We know how to cope with projects that require to act fast, quick adaptation and always being ahead of schedule.


Being customer centric means for us to build the whole organization around customer. We listen to what you say, we learn from you and implement your ideas to put the cooperation on higher level. Individual approach to every customer and dedicated team allow us to find business model that perfectly suits your needs. This results in efficient communication what leads to minimal amount of problems and maximal cost efficiency.




  1. Customer Oriented - Our customers always first
  2. Partnership - Win win scenarioS
  3. Long term - Building strong relations with mutual engagement


  1. Enterprise sucess is a sum of employees sucesses
  2. Moste valueble asset - treated with highest care
  3. Inspire and empower our people - Leadership not just management

Honesty and reliability

  1. Honesty as Base and Refference to all our activities
  2. Always follow rules and legal regulations
  3. Operate to highest ethical, environmental, safety and professional standards.

Excellence and passion

  1. We do we do best can be done
  2. Perfecion and efficiency ballance
  3. 100% involvement, we do more


  1. Out of box and open minded approach
  2. Constantly challenge ourselves to improve.
  3. Make life better, transfer inventions from lab to reality